Meet the Instructor

Jonny Bennett

I started working with the UK Chess Challenge in September 2019 coaching at some of the schools in the programme. Since the onset of Coronavirus, online chess has become crucial to the survival of chess as a global sport. Lichess is one of the best tools out there to bring chess to as many people as possible and so I've made this course to facilitate that. I graduated from Durham University with a First Class masters degree in Physics and Maths in the summer of 2019. I am a passionate card and board games player. As well as chess, some of my favourite games are Bridge, Poker and Hearts.

Course curriculum

Less than an hour to complete!

  • 1

    Introduction to Lichess

    • Intro to Lichess

    • Useful Settings

  • 2

    Playing & Computer Analysis

    • Playing Games

    • Analysis Board & Opening Explorer

    • Playing a Friend

  • 3

    Teams, Tournaments, and Simuls

    • Joining Teams and Tournaments

    • Simultaneous Exhibitions

    • Creating a Team

    • Creating a Tournament

  • 4

    Practise, Learn, Study

    • Puzzles and Learning

    • Studies


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Build Your Knowledge

  • Learn

    Using Lichess and our beginner course for chess beginners you'll be able to customise your learning experience. Whether you want to focus on opening's, endgames or piece checkmates there will be a study or learning module for you!

  • Practise

    In this course you will learn how to maximise your learning using Lichess' excellent 'Stockfish' engine for computer analysis. Your opponent's won't know what hit them!

  • Play

    Learn how to use the Lichess interface, add and challenge your friends, and customise your playing experience with board, piece, and background themes.